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A food waste disposal will reduce your trash and the chance of insect or rodent infestation, by quickly, cleanly and safely sending your food-based refuse down the drain. Add one to your kitchen now, and see how easy meal preparations and clean-ups can be. Contact us for more information on your options.

When purchasing your food waste disposer, be sure to consider an InSinkErator® disposer installed by Woodfin experts for complete satisfaction.


The world's leading manufacturer of food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers, InSinkErator® is the choice of 9-out-of-10 plumbing professionals. That's because InSinkErator® is committed to quality, service, performance and reliability. And that means greater peace of mind for you.

Homes with septic tanks can now safely and confidently enjoy the convenience of a food waste disposal system with InSinkErator®'s Evolution Septic Assist. This model was designed specifically for septic tank systems, and delivers the new standard in sound and grind performance. Woodfin can install any of the five Evolution models, including the Compact® for homes with restricted cabinet space.

The Evolution Septic Assist offers two grind stages to grind difficult food waste like celery and potato peels, is at least 40% quieter than standard disposers, has a large 40-ounce grind chamber, and utilizes patented Bio-Charge® Injection Technology with natural microorganisms to help break down particles.

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Keep your disposal and drains smelling clean with Bio-Clean!

Woodfin Plumbing has gone green with Bio-Clean, a highly effective drain cleaning product that uses bacteria and enzymes instead of poisonous chemicals. It will keep your drain lines open, running free and will break down waste in your septic system.

Click here to watch a short video about Bio-Clean.

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