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When it comes to discovering how heating oil can help you sell more properties, team up with a winner!

The Woodfin Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program is an exciting opportunity to stimulate more business for you and a greater understanding of heating oil for your customers.

Sold A brand new partnership between the home comfort experts at Woodfin and real estate professionals in the Richmond area, this program is designed to help you become familiar with the "selling points" of today's heating oil, so that you can sell more homes ... faster.

When we designed our program, we were careful to include services that truly make real estate sales as convenient as possible. Sign up and take advantage of the following:
  1. Heating oil and air conditioning system inspections and startups in homes you are showing
  2. Help with inquiries - home inspectors can call us with questions.
  3. Emergency heating oil deliveries
  4. Accurate tank readings at closing
  5. Tank insurance - Your clients will want to know about this valuable insurance - up to $1,000,000 coverage - FREE for Virginia homes with underground storage tanks. (You'll also get a list of insurers offering affordable tank policies)
  6. Switching of service and tank agreements to new homeowners
  7. Projected fuel schedules for new homeowners
  8. Informative presentations and materials detailing the benefits of heating oil
  9. ... and much, much more!
Membership in the Woodfin Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program is also a great way to "team up" with our team of home comfort experts, who can help meet your clients' needs with a full range of services - from heating and cooling, to security and plumbing. At Woodfin, one phone call really does "do it all" - for you and for your clients!

The more you know about heating oil, the more you'll sell. Put the Woodfin "Home Team" to work for you and your clients ... join the Woodfin Oilheat-Realty Parternship Program today. Your participation is absolutely FREE, so why not take advantage of this opportunity right now. Complete the form below to register now.

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