Furnace (Oil or Gas)

Gas Oil Furnace Energy ConservationFurnaces are the most widely used heating systems in the United States. They use oil, gas or electricity to heat air, which is distributed through the building by ducts and registers. Furnaces that earn the U.S. Energy Star® rating deliver higher efficiency than standard new furnaces available today.

Furnace Conservation Tips

Follow these helpful tips to achieve optimal efficiency with your furnace:

  1. Clean or replace the air filter once a month to assure the best airflow and efficiency. Make sure that furniture or draperies do not block vents.
  2. Consider replacing your furnace with a high-efficiency Energy Star®-qualified model. This one investment could reduce fuel consumption by 30% or more.
  3. Get a furnace tune-up. It will ensure you get maximum performance from the fuel you buy.
  4. Keep ductwork in good repair with duct insulation.

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