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Heating Oil - Richmond, VA

At Woodfin, we take excellent care of our residential and commercial customers by offering reliable delivery of only the highest quality fuel. Product quality is of the utmost importance to us and whether you burn #2 Heating oil, Kerosene or Bioheat, you can be assured that we will stand behind the products we deliver. Heating oil is the finest choice for home heating, and Woodfin is Richmond, VA's best source.

Kerosene - Richmond, VA

Kerosene is a light fraction petroleum product refined from raw petroleum and is one of the most common lighting fuels in the developing world. Other than lighting, it has also been used for cooling and refrigeration. If you require this type of fuel, Woodfin has dyed kerosene available with a more limited delivery schedule.

Bioheat - Richmond, VA

Bioheat®, a combination of heating oil and bio-diesel fuel, is the next big thing in home heating! This new heating oil blend is biodegradable, renewable, and is not only good for your heating system, the environment, and America, but Virginia, too!

This exciting new heating oil innovation is traditional home heating oil blended with Biodiesel. Bioheat® blends usually range between 2% and 5%. Pure Biodiesel is called B100. A Bioheat® blend with 2% Biodiesel is referred to as B2, a blend with 5% Biodiesel is B5 and so on up to B100 - pure Biodiesel.

A combination of heating oil and soybean oil, which makes it "green," Bioheat® is the cleaner and renewable home heating oil for now and the future.

Benefits of Having Bioheat in Richmond, VA:

Now that you know the benefits of heating oil, check out the benefits of the hottest thing happening in home heating, also known as Bioheat.

  1. Bioheat is homegrown. Bioheat helps support our nation's farmers and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. Some Bioheat is already made from biodiesel produced from Virginia soybeans!
  2. Bioheat burns cleaner than straight heating oil. It contains almost no sulfur and significantly reduces particulates and greenhouse gases, which contribute to air pollution and global warming.
  3. Bioheat passes clean air testing. It is the only alternative fuel to have successfully completed the rigorous Health Effects Testing Requirements of the federal Clean Air Act Amendments.
  4. Bioheat is very economical. It costs about the same as conventional heating oil.
  5. Bioheat lubricates heating system parts - which could mean longer life for a heating oil boiler or furnace ... and fewer service calls for homeowners.
  6. Bioheat is safer than conventional heating oil (which is extremely safe) because it has a higher flash point.
  7. Bioheat has the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel for more efficient burning and cozy comfort.
  8. Bioheat requires no burner or tank modification. It blends right in with conventional heating oil. Using Bioheat and biofuels also does not affect any heating system warranties.

Bioheat Delivery In Henrico, VA

Woodfin's Delivery Options

Automatic Delivery in Richmond, VA

People all over Richmond, from homeowners to commercial property owners and managers, are taking advantage of Woodfin's Automatic Delivery program. We use degree-day monitoring to determine when your fuel supply is approaching empty, and then schedule deliveries while your supply is low... before it runs out! No more worrying about the fuel gauge or worrying about whether you have enough left. You know you can trust Your Home Team at Woodfin.

All you have to do is sign up for our computer-monitored Watchdog Automatic Delivery Service and you'll never run out of heating oil!

On Call Delivery in Richmond, VA

Monitoring your own fuel consumption and scheduling your own deliveries is always an option. Once you have an account set up, you can place your order any time, day or night with our convenient online ordering option.

COD Discount Delivery in Richmond, VA

If you choose to pay for your fuel at the time of delivery, a discount is available. Call our customer service department to find out more.

Fuel Delivery Payment Options - Richmond, VA

  1. Emergency delivery of high-quality heating oil
  2. 50 Gallon Friday Minimum Deliveries
  3. Convenient automatic delivery by credit card
  4. Competitive Fuel Pricing
  5. Convenient 12-month fuel budget plan
  6. Heating Oil equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  7. Aboveground heating oil tank installation and removal
  8. Special Fuel offers and discounts
  9. Online fuel ordering

How can we help? Please call our customer service department at 804-730-5000, or contact us online. We will get back to you ASAP!

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