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We are proud to offer Virginia homeowners and businesses amazing ways to dramatically improve the quality of the air you breathe indoors. At Woodfin, we solve indoor air pollution problems with advanced solutions such as air purifiers and air humidifiers that draw on several proven air quality technologies. We often have homeowners interested in whole-house air filtration systems, which use advanced filters to remove even the tiniest airborne particles. We also frequently install air purification systems, germicidal UV lights, and air conditioning units.

If you are in a newer home, you might have a problem with tight construction methods that can prevent fresh air from entering the interior space of your home. We have a variety of fresh air systems from air purifiers to air duct cleaners that can solve your stale air problem by adding consistent ventilation throughout your home.

If you feel dust or airborne contaminants might be impacting the health of your family, it may be time to call Woodfin, the top comfort service in Richmond, VA when it comes to heating, air conditioning, HVAC, AC repair, air duct cleaning and much more.

We use advanced air duct cleaning systems to remove dust and debris completely without fouling your air. You might also consider duct sealing to eliminate the loss of heated or cooled air and to improve your home's energy efficiency, and an air purifier, which works with your heating and air conditioning units to remove nearly all airborne pollutants.

For homes with over-moist air, we offer whole-house dehumidification systems that improve comfort and balance humidity levels. If your home is too dry, our experts can suggest a humidifier that's right for your Richmond, VA home. Humidifier's can even save you money, and also work with your heating and/or air conditioning system to improve the humidity level throughout the home.

Depending on your unique situation, indoor air quality testing might be necessary in order for our trained professionals to identify the contaminants inside the air in your home. Our indoor air specialists utilize sophisticated testing equipment to monitor indoor air, in order that we can find out what is compromising your air quality, and provide a solution.

For questions about indoor air quality, to discuss an air quality improvement idea, or to learn more about our heating, AC, HVAC, heating oil, electrical, plumbing and security services, please call us today at 804-730-5000, or contact us online. We value the opportunity to faithfully serve all of your home needs.

We proudly provide indoor air quality services to the following areas:
Ashland, Bon Air, Bottoms Bridge, Central Virginia, Chester, Chesterfield County, Doswell, Glen Allen, Goochland County, Hanover County, Henrico County, Highland Springs, King William County (Partial), Lakeside, Manakin-Sabot, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, New Kent County (Partial), Powhatan, Providence Forge, Quinton, Richmond, Sandston, Short Pump, The Fan, Varina.

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