Need a plumbing service or plumbing upgrade? Have a plumbing emergency?

Woodfin's expert plumbers in Henrico, VA have been exceeding expectations for homeowners like you for decades! Offering a full range of plumbing repairs and plumbing installations, we clear clogged drains, install hot water heaters and water purification systems, remodel bathrooms and kitchens and install new kitchens and baths. The newest and latest equipment and fixtures we install help save energy and save water, including low-flow faucets and toilets, tankless water heaters and heat pump hot water systems. We also specialize in gas piping and equipment installation.


Our Woodfin plumbers in Henrico, VA are the leading experts in hot water heater installation, repair, service and replacement. You can rely on installations for gas hot water heaters, indirect hot water heaters, tankless hot water heaters and storage hot water heaters throughout the Henrico, VA area.

In the United States today, the most common type of water heaters are storage hot water heaters. They range in size from 30 to 80 gallons (or larger) and are heated by propane, oil, natural gas or electricity. Heat is transferred in storage water heaters from a coil or burner to water in an insulated tank.

If you are looking to save energy and only want to heat water as it is needed, you should look into tankless water heaters. Tankless water heater systems are an alternative to storage hot water heaters, which heat water ahead of time and store it. Woodfin is honored to be one of the leading distributors of one of the top manufacturers in the nation today, Rinnai & Navien tankless water heaters.

For the convenience of continuous hot water while limiting energy, a state durability tankless water heater is a good choice. Our installers are factory-trained to determine your hot water needs and will pick the perfect model of state durability tankless water heaters that will match all your needs.

Tankless coil hot water heaters provide hot water on demand without a tank, like a demand water heater. They use a heating coil or heat exchanger installed in a main furnace or boiler. This may not be an efficient choice for many homes, especially those in warmer climates because these tankless water heaters rely on the furnace or boiler to heat the water directly. Tankless water heaters work most efficiently during cold months when the heating system is used regularly.

For an efficient choice for most homes, even though they require a storage tank, an indirect hot water heaters is a good decision. It can be the least expensive means for providing hot water. An indirect water heater is used with a high-efficiency boiler and a well-insulated tank.

Tankless water heaters and indirect systems can be fired up by oil, gas, propane, electricity or a combination of any of these. Typically, tankless water heater systems are oil or gas-fired. Also, these integrated or combination water-heating systems not only work with forced air systems, but also with hydronic or radiant floor heating systems.

Heat pump hot water heater systems can use one-third to one-half as much electricity as a conventional electric resistance water heater. In warm climates they may do even better.

State premier® hybrid electric heat pump hot water heaters are twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater. They use an innovative advanced hybrid electric design that integrates heat pump technology. For homeowners looking for cost savings and performance, this option is the most versatile and energy-efficient.


The most economical way to go in Virginia is natural gas. Usually the costs are three times as much to heat the same amount of water with electricity as it does with natural gas. When deciding on a hot water heater, you should decide first whether or not to get a gas or electric. If you are replacing your old water heater, find out what type you have. If you can't figure it out, our Woodfin plumbers in Henrico will be more than happy to assist you. We are here for anything you might need or any concerns you may have.

Featured Water Heater Brands:

State tankless water heater installation in Henrico, VA Tankless water heater A.O Smith installation in Henrico, VA Tankless water heater Bock installation in Henrico, VA Tankless water heater Rinnai installation in Henrico, VA



At Woodfin, no plumbing job is too small.

If you have a clogged drain that needs to be cleared, don't hesitate to call Woodfin plumbing in Henrico, Virginia. No matter the job, we always provide the best service. We repair leaky faucets, clear clogged drains, replace leaky pipes, offer septic cleaning and provide service in home plumbing repairs, and drain cleaning to rooter service.

When you need a kitchen sink, Woodfin plumbers can confidently recommend Kohler products. Kohler has long been recognized as a leader in bath and kitchen design.


No matter the home remodeling project, Woodfin plumbers are here to help in kitchen, bath, basement and room remodels as well as room additions. We help our customers with developing a concept and design.

Bathroom design & Kitchen Design & Remodels Henrico, VA

Our electrical work includes:

  1. Complete electrical system installation
  2. Switches and outlets
  3. Rewiring
  4. Smoke detectors
  5. Panel upgrades
  6. Appliance hook-ups
  7. Light fixtures
  8. Doorbell installations
  9. Home security systems

When trying to find the perfect plumber to design and create a bathroom design or kitchen remodel, Woodfin plumbers in Henrico, VA are the people to call! Our trained plumbers are highly experienced with bathroom design and home remodels. We understand that kitchen and bathroom remodels are geared towards making the spaces in your home more comfortable and convenient. We'll do your kitchen renovations or new bath construction and make your vision a reality.

Throughout the Henrico, Virginia area, we will acquire all permits needed and, of course, do all work according to state and local codes.


Looking for a replacement of a fixture, or a full bathroom remodel? Look no further! Our plumbers and bathroom designers in Henrico will work with you to turn your bath or powder room into an oasis of serenity and beauty.

Featured Bathroom & Kitchen Brands:

Kohler Bathroom Remodel & Designs in Henrico, VA Moen Bathroom Remodel & Designs in Henrico, VA Delta Bathroom Remodel & Designs in Henrico, VA Garbage Disposal Installation in Henrico, VA



Noticing insects crawling around your garbage? Installing a garbage disposal will reduce your trash and also decrease the chance of insect or rodent infestation by quickly, cleanly and safely sending your food-based waste down the drain. Be sure to check out an InSinkErator® disposal when purchasing a garbage disposal system. Plumbing professionals choose InSinkErator® 9-out-of-10 times. Add a garbage disposal to your kitchen now, and see how easy meal preparations and cleanups can be.


Woodfin plumbers are highly skilled in hard pipe and flexible gas line installations and leak detection, so you can rest easy knowing the work is of the highest caliber and, of course, backed by the Woodfin satisfaction guarantee.


The most important consideration when it comes to your home plumbing needs is your water service piping. Woodfin plumbers are on call so repairing or replacing your old pipes is never a problem.


Trying to water your summer flowers but having trouble getting the hose to reach them? Woodfin's plumbing experts are at your service! They can simplify your yard work and other chores by installing outdoor faucets on several sides of the house that provide both hot and cold water. We'll work closely with you to choose the best locations so that your days of dragging long lengths of hose are over.


If you are used to sewer repair or replacement starting off as a small job then turning into a bigger one, you don't have to worry about that with Woodfin! We do important exploratory work up front that often limits the scope and cost of sewer projects, so that there aren't any major surprises. We use state-of-the-art video equipment to explore your pipes from the inside so that we can locate and diagnose a problem without excavation.


If you think something is wrong with your drain or sewer but can't get to the root of the problem because you can't look inside, we can use our advanced in-pipe video systems to explore the pipes and diagnose the problem.

Woodfin plumbing has gone green! We use bio-clean, a highly effective drain cleaning product that uses bacteria and enzymes, instead of poisonous chemicals, to keep your drain lines open and running free and to break down waste in your septic system.


At Woodfin, we share our expert knowledge and work together to solve every problem without delay. At our in-house training center, we teach our Woodfin plumbers how to service and properly maintain new equipment.

To talk to a friendly and knowledgeable Woodfin representative about any of our plumbing services, please call us at 804-730-5000 or contact us online! We are available 24/7, 365 days a year for fuel delivery or service. We offer emergency plumbing repair & service. If you need emergency service after hours (before 7:30 AM or after 5:00 PM Monday through Friday) or on weekends or holidays, please give us a call.

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