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A Programmable Thermostat Saves You Money Now


When it comes to saving money at home, a setback thermostat (also known as a programmable thermostat) is a great tool for your heating and air conditioning system. When you install a setback thermostat in your Richmond home, you can automate your energy savings. When your programmable thermostat is properly set up (we can help), your heating or air conditioning system goes into setback mode when the house is empty. The programmable thermostat then switches into full comfort mode right on schedule so your home is fully heated or cooled (depending on the season) when you return. Your setback thermostats lets you "set it and forget it" so you save energy on air conditioning or heat without compromising on comfort.

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For saving money on air conditioning or heating, a programmable thermostat is an excellent, low-cost investment. By automatically adjusting the setting on your air conditioning, the thermostat reduces the cooling load, so your air conditioning system uses less electricity and you enjoy lower bills. After all, why use precious energy to heat or cool an empty home?

If you'd like to use a setback thermostat or programmable thermostat to reduce your energy consumption, please contact us. One of our expert HVAC installers can help you choose the thermostat that is best suited to your needs and install it promptly.

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