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Buderus Boiler

Woodfin specializes in hot water and steam heating systems. We install more boilers than any other contractor in the Richmond area, and our installers take pride in each and every installation. Large or small, when you have a Woodfin boiler installation, you can be sure that everything is installed in a first class manner.

An advanced, high-efficiency boiler provides excellent warmth and comfort while achieving maximum fuel conservation, whether you heat by oil or gas. The U.S. Energy Star® program recommends a professional evaluation of heating equipment that is 10 years old or older, and upgrading to an Energy Star-rated high-efficiency unit.

Woodfin will be happy to evaluate your equipment and, if necessary, help you choose the right energy-saving unit for your home.

"For boiler installation, replacement, service and repair in Richmond, Virginia, Woodfin is the best choice. Our boiler experts install Buderus boilers and Crown boilers throughout the Richmond area. Here is a look a the manufacturers we represent."


Oil and Gas
Clean combustion, extremely high efficiency, economical operation, and longevity: Buderus boilers are the perfect central heating source for single- or multiple-family homes and guarantee reliable heating for many years. The modern design of Buderus boilers results from decades of experience, using the latest combustion and manufacturing technologies. Buderus boiler efficiencies range up to 98% AFUE, and many models are Energy Star®-compliant. Click here to visit the Buderus website.



Oil and gas, steam and hot water
Crown is a leader in oil- and gas-fired boilers and warm air furnaces, indirect hot water heaters, hydronic air handlers, and air conditioners. Crown products come in a range of colors with efficient designs and a wide variety of models to meet your comfort needs. Click here to visit Crown's website.

Crown's Phantom Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler Video



Oil boilers

Axeman-Anderson builds high-quality packaged residential oil-fired heating boilers in America. The new WL Series features a "Wet Leg Design" that surrounds the combustion area with water for increased heating efficiency. Engineered for ease of installation and maintenance. Click here to visit Axeman-Anderson's website.


Gas Boiler
Navien's Condensing Combi Gas Boiler/Water Heaters are the ideal solution for customers who need both domestic hot water and a space heating application. Unlike conventional boilers, Navien's Combi Gas Boiler/Water Heater heats water only when needed, making it environmentally sound as well as cost efficient.

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