Electrical Repairs and Rewiring

Electrical Repairs? Woodfin Does It All!

If you are thinking of giving your home a brand new look, turn to Woodfin's electricians to make sure the wires, switches, fuses and everything electrical works right! Why call on a company you don't know when you can get your electrical services from the home comfort provider that you and your neighbors have trusted for years?

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Our highly skilled Electricians can repair any safety concern you may have.

Woodfin Electricians can help you with a variety of services, such as:

  1. Electrical repair
  2. Electrical wiring installation
  3. Emergency backup generators
  4. Electric panel upgrades
  5. Whole house surge protection
  6. Outdoor lighting installation and repair
  7. Bath & attic exhaust fans installation and repair
  8. Additions & remodeling


A Proactive Approach to Wiring

Twenty years ago, who could have predicted that our homes would be filled with all the gizmos and gadgets that we now possess? When it comes to rewiring, it pays to think ahead. Be proactive and "get connected" with Woodfin electricians!

Our expert electricians will replace your outdated electrical panel with safe, reliable, modern equipment. You'll benefit from: no more faulty breakers, clearly marked switches and increased fire protection. Services include system-wide rewiring, adding outlets or switches, appliance wiring, wiring for home additions, safety inspections, lighting and load balancing. All work is performed by our own certified, experienced electricians. (You can trust Woodfin to never hire outside contractors).

If you have an electrical project or you want us our electricians to evaluate your service, please contact us.

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