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Please read these words of praise that our customers have sent to us, and visit our reviews page to read what people are saying about Woodfin online.

Dear Mr. Woodfin 

my appreciation of services rendered via letter instead. I commend and applaud the team involved in the sales and installation of my home generator on March 30, 2015.I'm not that savvy using social media so I thought I would express 

Alex Bruster, Comfort Advisor was my first contact. He was professional knowledgeable, courteous and overall just a terrific young man that represented Woodfin well. I can honestly say that nothing happened during installation that Alex had not informed me of; he educated me well on what would take place during and after installation; also, ways I could conserve fuel in case of a lengthy outage by limiting the use of various appliances. When he left I felt very knowledgeable and appreciative of the product I had purchased.

The big day came and the first arrival was the Propane Guy, very friendly and he was able to place the tank just where I wanted it. Shortly after, a fleet of Woodfin vehicles well maintained organized and equipped with everything need to get the job done arrived. After the salutations, team members were off to work, busy like Beavers working inside, outside and under my house. I was very impressed! I have always liked your logo and your slogan, it speaks volumes when it comes to customer service, but more important are the workers that represent the company. I would like to commend some of the key players assigned to this project. They are as follows: Michael Jordan (not the Basketball Player :) ) but more important Master Electrician, Skillful and Knowledgeable  of the JOb he was hired to do. Todd Van Dahm, Master Electrician, Skillful, Knowledgeable and personable, he thoroughly explained to me the next steps that had to take place after they left before project completion. After the first inspection, plumbers came (I didn't get to meet them because I wasn't home) to wrap up the job, everything was cleaned up, covered up and connected when I arrived home. They last day prior to inspection, Jaye arrived, Super Guy that knows his stuff. He educated me on everything I needed to know about my generator. He too off the cover and showed me every part and explained the importance of proper maintenance, demonstrated how it works and even informed me on how to keep the ants from getting into the generator panel and causing problems, now that's thorough! I was one "smart cookie" when he left.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Woodfin, My Home Team; I feel I made the right choice in choosing your company for my dream project. There were others that were a part of the installation process that I didn't get to interact with, please thank them for a job well done. I also appreciated those I have spoken to when I call the office, they have all been helpful and friendly; those are some of the qualities I look for in a business and I will highly recommend others to you. 


Re: Generator Install

Between February 11-13, 2015, my wife and I had a whole-home generator installed (thank you Todd and Michael, electricians; Kyle and Will, plumbers; Neal, plumber; and "the little guy", helper). On February 16, Charlie delivered almost 400 gallons of propane to fill the tank. On February 20, Andre came out to relight the pilot light on our gas logs. All was now in readiness for any potential outages that might develop.

We didn't have to wait very long for that to happen as on Sunday night, February 22, the lights flickered and went out during an ice storm that pulled down electrical wires throughout our neighborhood. Within about 20 seconds or so, our house was that proverbial "point of light in a sea of darkness" because the generator, which we'd hoped we'd never have to use, kicked in and supplied power to not only the lights, but to the well pump, heat pump, stove, microwave and the other "necessities" of modern life.

The outage only lasted two hours, but in that time my wife and I realized that our investment had been more than worth it!! And it's not like we're hoping our power goes out again, but if it does, we'll know we won't be left in the dark because of it.

Thank you, Woodfin!!

Gary P

Louisa, Va


Re: Experience with Woodfin

I would like to thank your service technician, Keith, for his professional and courteous service on Friday, February 20th. Although I was initially told when I called your office early Friday morning that frozen pipes weren't something Woodfin usually responded to your office staffer agreed to send a tech out to try to help us when I mentioned that we had a plumbing service contract

Keith, your technician (specialist) called us 15 minutes ahead of his visit and showed up in the early afternoon Friday and was very understanding and knowledgeable. He quickly assessed the probable area of our frozen pipe problem and proceeded to help by putting a space heater that we had in the affected area of our crawl space.

Keith was very accurate in his assessment of how our house was plumbed and where the lines and related Ts were that were involved with our hot water lines and where the frozen section of the line probably was. He "nailed it". As a result of his attention to customer service we are very pleased with Woodfin's response to our service call.

As he predicted the line eventually cleared (early pm Saturday) and our water problem appears to be solved.

The extra effort Woodfin office and field personnel exemplified will keep us as a satisfied customer.

My suggestion: Respond to others in a similar manner in the future and you'll keep customers like us happy and loyal.

Thanks again.
Jim C. 


Dear Sir/Madame:

Re: Services performed

I am always very busy, but I wanted to take a few minutes to slip you a note with regards to the exceptional service I received from one of your technicians.

On Tuesday Mr. James Williams came to service our Axeman Anderson Boiler. I was very impressed by how thorough he was. There was a point in the service where Mr. Williams was challenged by a bracket that just wouldn't fit correctly; most technicians would have said it's pretty close and left it at 90%. Not Mr. Williams — he displayed tenacity and determination to ensure not only the bracket was secured like it came new from the factory, but he was also careful to ensure that the boiler was operating more efficiently than before he came.

Please extend my commendations to Mr. Williams and let him know that I encourage him to maintain his high standards; his qualities are very rare in today's service industry!

Yours sincerely,
Christopher A. W.
Woodfin Customer


Dear Woodfin Team,
TestimonialThis is one of the happiest letters that I have ever written. We recently had a new heating/air conditioning system installed along with complete ductwork to match the system requirements, which had been outlined as a four-day job. I have nothing but compliments and the highest regard for the installation team, led by Taylor and Chris C, who preformed this job.

All jobs begin with sales — Kevin, who has always been our sales rep and knows the house well, did a wonderful, comprehensive job of putting together a package that would best suit our needs. Jeff, who is new to Woodfin but not to the industry, worked with Kevin to ensure that the specs for installation were met and also explained quite well the differences between the various models. They also checked on the job's progress to ensure that the installers had all parts needed and to troubleshoot (no problems were encountered on this job). As in he past, Kevin did a marvelous job from beginning to end, and it was nice to work with Jeff, who understands the various components of this system and could explain it so easily. They are a true asset to Woodfin in many ways, especially with consumer education.

A big thank you to Travis, who had earlier in the summer installed a new thermostat, which we believed to be the original problem. Travis returned prior to installation to check the deteriorating unit, and along with Jeff, determined that a new system was needed. Travis, you are thorough and extremely detail-oriented, for which we were grateful so the problem was pinpointed immediately — I had suspected as much and your careful investigation confirmed my suspicions. (You remind me of Lawrence and Neal in plumbing — thorough all the way.)

To the installation team, which was mainly Taylor, Ronald and Chris C. — all of you were efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and carried the job so well that we were not at all inconvenienced — mama and I are still amazed that the house underwent a project of this size and there was no mess, no accident, no problems, no stress. The installation unfolded in a series of easy steps, a 1-2-3 that was nothing short of remarkable. We also appreciate your special attention to mama's needs for access to different parts of the house. We loved your sense of humor, your easy ways, and mama said she was sad to see you go — and I agree because it was fun having you as a part of our family for a week.

Thanks also to Randy, who delivered and set up the materials in a logical fashion and always had a kind word; to Chris H., who had the work of wrapping all the ductwork; to Anthony, who came one day to help out the others; to Jaye, who completed the required electrical for this job and has provided us with strong professional recommendations in the past regarding other electrical problems.

Thank you to Chuck — we never had the pleasure of meeting you, but the scheduling and parts procurement and everything else that made this job flow so well came from your end. We heard good things about you, and are only sorry we could not thank you in person.

Finally, thanks to Mary Carol, who is a joy to work with as we review the accounts. Even though Woodfin has numerous customers, I always feel that our conversations are personal, not account-number oriented as they tend to be with other companies.

As always, if there's ever a storm or bad weather and any of you needs a break, a sandwich, or just a place to regroup and stay safe, then come by the house —no need to call us we consider all of you family.

Thanks for everything.

Marilyn L. and Betty L.

Additional Note:
The problem in mama's house showed up as a small patch of mold/mildew outside the air vents. I noticed it in the living room and then checked all the other vents. Routinely, people do not run around their homes looking up and checking vents, however, I do as part of mama's respiratory care.

Because of this incident, I wrote a Medical Alert notice for primary care physicians and other physicians, health care workers who are part of the team treating mama. Too often, elderly patients present with a cough or flu-like feeling that has no basis. In other words, the lab work and chest x-ray would show normal, but the patient is still sick. They will begin checking or having checked the heat/air systems for high humidity and/or the presence of mold/mildew.

I also recommended Woodfin and highlighted our installation process so they would have Woodfin as a resource to contact. What was amazing was that not one physician or health care person thought of checking the heat/cool system — they were thinking of body malfunction, not environmental/interior conditions. Just thought I would pass this on.
— Marilyn

Hi, Charlie

I just wanted to provide some feedback on the service we received over the weekend.

Steve Saunders arrived at our house on a rainy Saturday night on schedule. My wife, Kathleen, had let me know that he was an exceptionally gracious and polite guy after meeting him for the diagnosis on our faulty air conditioning unit. He had ordered all the appropriate replacement parts and went to work right away. After completing a thorough job on the faulty unit, he examined the other units to be sure each was working correctly. Once he was sure everything was functioning properly, he gave us a summary of what he had completed and gave us several options for payment. Throughout the service call, he handled himself very professionally and was always cheery and seemed very happy with his job — despite being out on a Saturday.

Please pass along our gratitude and let his supervisor know what a good experience we had.

Dear Daren,

I want to put into words how much I appreciate all that Woodfin has done for me - the best and most appropriate is Thank You!

Your expertise in suggesting how to achieve cooling/heating when needed and at a reasonable cost! Outstanding!

Taylor and John's installation of needed equipment! Remarkable!

I wonder now, how did I deal with all the troubles I endured trying to work with all that "ancient" equipment that had been place!!

Woodfin is rich in having you, Taylor and John in the company's employ. Again bless you and thank tou!


Hello Jack, this is Jeff L. I hope you are doing well.

The reason I'm sending this e-mail is I want to compliment your team. A couple of weeks ago we had our heating/air system checked out, since we thought we had an upstairs minor water leak. What you people discovered was a very dangerous situation with the furnace (potential gas leak) in the upstairs unit. We, of course, had the entire system replaced with new Carrier stuff. The process was easy because of your very professional, competent team members. They arrived on time, worked hard, were very polite, left no mess, explained what they were doing, etc. In short, they did an outstanding job. No doubt they lived up to Woodfin's wonderful reputation and presented themselves very well. It is easy to recommend your team to my neighbors.

I wish you and all at Woodfin continued success.

Take care and say hello to everyone.

Hi there, Kelly,
I wanted to ask you something: All the guys that came to our house, from the first service call through to the repair men that were here today — did you tell them to be exceptionally nice or anything? If not, then they were simply fantastic. We already had 3 quotes by the time I remembered that your guy was coming by Thursday morning. We actually decided to go with one of the first 3, since your guy showed up before we could cancel Thursday morning. We decided, what the hell, a fourth opinion couldn't hurt. The Woodfin quote was actually about a grand higher than the one we were going to go with, but the level of professionalism your guys showed along with the product, warranty and no nonsense will be your end price that won Stephanie over. I can't say that I've often seen her agree to pay more for something, so that is highest praise indeed. Your guys were here bright and early this morning, were polite to a fault, not to mention they finished 2 hours before they anticipated. We couldn't be happier with the job done — well, except for the fact that it cost us $7,500 — but that's surely not your fault.

Thanks again & have a great weekend.

Dear Mr. Bailey,


This letter is to commend the entire staff at Woodfin for their extraordinary customer service. The whole group is a delight to work with and we truly appreciate the very high level of customer service which each of them has provided.

Of special note: Brian Dooley, Travis Riddle and Billy Cox. These men have been our closest contacts and we have never had a more pleasant experience. They are a helpful, efficient, pleasant, accommodating and patient trio; and each of them has been a gifted and dedicated problem solver from the very start. (Billy came out twice at night and in the pouring rain to work on our "fallen" generator.)

We thank all three of them for their exemplary service and ask that a copy of this letter be placed in their employment files.

The management of Woodfin has reason to be very proud of everyone in your employ. We are looking forward to being your customers and we anticipate a mutually pleasant relationship with everyone at the company in the future.

With our gratitude and congratulations for your extraordinary customer service,

Susie and Buford S.
Richmond, VA


Here is a very special card and cake from one of our thankful longtime customers.
We were happy to help them get a new furnace through the Warmth for the Winter program.

"To the Woodfin family and Co-workers.
My family will never forget what you did for our mom.
A special thank you to Missy."Testimonial

Edith & The Coles Family



Dear Woodfin Oil Employees,


My family would like to thank each of you for selecting our family as the winner of the Warmer Winter contest.

You'll never know how much you all have impacted and improved our lives. We have gone without heat and air conditioning for over three years!! The kids and I still cannot believe how unbelievably lucky we are to have this wonderful gift bestowed upon us.

You have answered our prayers!! It is still unbelievable to us that in one day, we are able to be warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Evan is three and literally his feet were freezing in the winter. Travis is fourteen and had to sleep with five blankets. It's been very hard for us, but we pushed through, and prayed, and you all answered our prayers. Now we have new duct work and no mold will grow again because of the UV light installed. Also thanks to you all, we have a safer home with a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Everyone I spoke to at Woodfin was so extremely nice and kind to us. Jack Woodfin, Mr. Bailey, Taylor, and Corey were unbelievable as well!!

We will be eternally grateful to all of you!! Thank you isn't enough to express our gratitude!! We wish we could hug and kiss all of you many times over. The positive impact you all had on our lives, we will always be eternally grateful for.


Beth, Travis and Evan P.

My name is Kathryn. I wanted to send a thank you to y'all. Woodfin fixed my furnace and will donate oil so we can have heat this winter. It is so nice to hear my furnace turn on and run! You have blessed my children and me with a wonderful gift of heat and peace of mind for me!

May God bless each and every one of Woodfin's employees!!!


Kathryn K.



I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for the most wonderful gift that you have given to me; furnace repairs and oil. I remember my daughter mentioning in passing that she had entered me in a contest to win a new furnace, but honestly, it probably left my mind as quickly as it had entered. I typically do not win big things, or should I say the type of things that I need most.

To say that money is tight is an understatement. I suppose that most people are feeling the strain of our current economy, but for me, it just seems to get worse and worse. This is not a pity statement, just one to let you know that I truly did not have any extra money for the repairs to my furnace. I try so hard to be frugal, and have family help me with minor repairs; but recently, I have felt quite overwhelmed with expenses for necessary repairs.

When I had a service/repair visit from Brad in November, and he explained that there were more repairs needed; I cringed at the thoughts of spending more money that I really do not have. I had to tell him that it would have to I hoped and prayed that my furnace would keep working.

When I got the phone call that I had not won the furnace, I was disappointed momentarily; then the most wonderful words were spoken. My furnace would be repaired and oil would be delivered to me, as a gift from you. I cried.

To say thank you somehow seems trivial. Those two little words that are so easy to say do not seem to come close to the amount of gratitude that I have. With your gift, you have shown me so much care and concern; for that I will forever be grateful. I hope you understand how your kindness has touched my heart; and honestly, you have no idea how much you have helped me.

God Bless All of you,


Patricia B.

To the Owners and Management of Woodfin Oil Company:Testimonial

Good Day! I write today in appreciation of the extraordinary service that I received during my Friday, August 12, 2011 routine maintenance call.

While I realize that managing a company the size of Woodfin requires that you focus on "big picture" items, you seriously need to pause just for a moment to understand the quality of service provided to me this past Friday by Mark Harrison. (I sincerely hope that I am remembering his last name correctly).

Please stop long enough to realize what a benefit this is to your organization.

Briefly, my system was working well. Only on the hottest days did it struggle to keep up. I had no reason to suspect any problems, and frankly, I am quite technical by profession and would like to think that I would have spotted any obvious faults on my own.

Mark started his visit by taking temperature measurements at the air handler and immediately realized something was wrong. Sure enough, hidden behind boxes in my attic, he found a HUGE break in the return duct. Being that this is your area of expertise, I don't have to tell you how detrimental that was to the performance of my system. Mark took great care to repair the return duct in such a way that I see no reason to replace it.

The remainder of his service was equally professional, and another aging component was replaced as well. You can obviously imagine how happy I am to have the system "closed" once again so that I can benefit from increased filtering, lower humidity, and almost certainly a lower electric bill.

Bigger than my own benefit, though, you have to realize that when something like this happens it's a win for Woodfin as well. Obviously, I am much more inclined to refer you to my clients and acquaintances. I'm less likely to burden your service department with calls for help due to the poor system performance. And, of course, I'm much more likely to purchase a replacement system from Woodfin when this one has lived its life. So, the work done by Mark today snowballs into a lot more than one customer's system working better.

I don't doubt that you encourage and demand quality customer service across Woodfin, but the "routine" service visit that I witnessed on Friday went above the call, if you want my opinion.

Thank you and best regards,

Scott C.

Dear Missy:


My name is Jeannette A. and Woodfin has just finished a large installation job at my house on Hanover Ave. I am writing to let you know the actions of one of your employees (Kim Butler) She went way beyond the call of duty. She was constantly on top of this installation. I am in Italy and it was very hard for me to be hands-on, and Kim did it for me. She let me know every step of the way, she arranged for the inspectors to come and inspect the work, she was on the phone with my daughter there in Richmond so that she was aware of what was happening.

She relieved my anxiousness about having such a large job done at my house without me there. Woddfin is really lucky to have such an employee as Kim. It is people like Kim that give me the feeling of comfort about what was going on there. Also need to mention Deran, he was also wonderful about keeping me informed as to what was going on at the house. Woodfin is really fortunate to have such wonderful employees. I would like you to please send me the email of Mr. Woodfin as I want to tell him about his wonderful employees. I believe that people are very quick to criticize and not many take the time out to praise. I am of the mind that being told how much you are appreciated is very important. Thank you so much.

Best regards,

Jeannette A.

Dear Mr. Woodfin:

TestimonialI would like to commend your technicians, especially Larry Stone, on their courtesy, professionalism, technical proficiency, and above all, Larry's perseverance with regard to our Trane unit which was installed in May 2004. Seven service calls were made in 2011 and the compressor was replaced at least two times. Trash was flushed from the unit numerous times.

Larry did not give up until the problem was resolved to the customer's satisfaction. The new unit is currently working just fine.

I was a VMI with your brother. I was in the class of '64. Sorry to hear of his passing.


John T.

Dear Mr. Woodfin:
Your courteous and efficient workers came to our rescue twice today.

We awoke this morning to discover that our electricity kept going off in part of the house. Your Billy Cox came out promptly and discovered that the problem was with Dominion Virginia Power. We called them, and they arrived within an hour. They determined that there's a problem with the underground cable. They put in a device which will give us power until the cable damage is determined and repaired.

After several hours with full electric power, the air conditioning was not working properly. Larry (Unit 13) and Delbir (Unit 14) came out promptly and got it running.

Last week we had a water leak in an outside faucet, which was repaired by Steve.

These four workers represented your company well, as have all other Woodfin representatives who have helped us over the years.

We already had service contracts for heating, plumbing and air conditioning, and have instructed your office to set up one for electrical.


Walter T.

Dear Woodfin,
Yesterday, your workmen Neil, Steve C., Keith and Bryant installed a tank-less water heater in our home. I just wanted you to know that all four of these young men, were most considerate, did a nice job, and cleaned up better than any workmen I have ever had in my home. These young men exemplify the old VMI standards of which your founder would be proud. Kevin Agnew also was most professional and kind in his work with us and explained everything to us well in advance of the arrival of our new system. Also Robert Snyder (your Master electrician) came out to give us estimates on electrical work which we expect to do in the future. I can say, without exception, that all these young men were a pleasure to have in our home.

Thank you,
Phyllis & Keith H.


To the Staff of Woodfin,
We have been cusomers with Woodfin for many years. I would like to say it is such a comfort to dial your number when there's a problem, plumbing, electric, furnace ect.

I was amayzed to call on a Sunday when my furnace conked out. A very nice young woman took my call and within thirty minutes the repair person called me back to say Woodfin was on the way to my home.

Thanks to Kenny my furnace was up and running soon.

Your service, all of you meant so much to me as my husband is in the hospital and I was pretty stressed out.

Thank you for your help,

Peggy R.

Feel free to post this for the staff to read.

Dear Woodfin,

Thank you for your GREAT staff of people on the GREAT JOB!!

Very happy on the job done on my home, water and heat Navien.

Thanks for: Daren Lancaster Comfort Advisor, Kevin Agnew Plumbing Sales, Johnny Barger Plumbing Manager and most of all thank to Kyle Vickery and Javier Morales the Plumbing Service Techs and all the people at Woodfin that made this project very easy in my home and life.

Thank you fondly,

Peter M. C.

Dear Mrs. El-Jor,

I would like to commend your technician, Steve Sturgeon, for an excellent installation of a security system at my residence in Richmond. Not only was he courteous, professional, neat, and patient, but he even impressed my husband, who is a technical manager with another company (and, as such, is VERY hard to impress), with his quick and clean installation of our security system.

Also, Steve fixed my phone line.

It's difficult to quantify what a big deal this is. Since I moved into my townhome, I have never been able to get the phone-lines to work correctly. The only line that worked (out of SIX total jacks in the house!) is upstairs. I hired Verizon to come out and look at the lines wen I first moved in, and a few hundred dollars later, all they told me was that there was a break in the line somewhere within the house, and I would have to rip out the drywall to find the break. I hired another handy-man about a year after that (who claimed to have professional phone-system experience) to come and look at the lines. He confirmed that there was a break somewhere within the wall and it would be a pain to fix.

Over the four years I've lived in that house, I've only had one working jack total (I rigged a phone line through the floor to the downstairs for a while, which tells you how desperate I was at one point). When Steve came in, I regretfully informed him of this fact. He said he would take a look at the outside box and see if he couldn't do something before installing the security panel using the only available jack.

It's probably hard to imagine how floored I was when, within thirty minutes of his arrival, he had the phone lines working throughout the house, and then cheerfully went to install the security system.

This is the kind of thing that I've heard about during the applause meetings, but to experience something like that first-hand is entirely different, and shows the absolute dedication your technicians have to the customer and to doing a good job. The fact that he kept the house spotless and didn't even mind the ravening beasts the dogs become in the presence of strangers in the house was an added bones. He also took the time to explain in detail how the system worked, and took yet more time to walk me through the system functions as many times as I desired until I was confident with its use. I do believe our house was probably a bit cleaner after he left, too.

As my husband said after Steve had departed, you really cannot buy that kind of knowledge and helpfulness - it has to be something the person truly believes in.

I will definitely recommend Woodfin Security in the future, and Steve specifically, to anyone looking for security service. Our expectations were tremendously exceeded, and we look forward to doing business with Woodfin Security in the future.

Thank you again for a job very well done,

Melissa H. S.


I called your office at 7:45 this morning for help with a non-emergency stopped up kitchen sink and Steven was at the door 30 minutes later. You can't get better than that! Likewise, you can't get better than Steven, either! He was great with this customer and her mother and took it all in stride when the basement pipes were difficult (to say the least) to reach. He was determined to solve the problem and got the sink unclogged with a laborious hand snake when the power version apparently went up the air vent instead of down the clog. He was meticulous in cleaning up the mess and thorough when checking the rest of the indoor and outdoor plumbing. He was wonderful to work with and I hope to see him again to handle the problems he identified during his total house inspection. Please send me a copy of his findings along with an estimate of the required repair charges.

My husband and I and my mother have dealt with Woodfin for many, many years and have never been disappointed. We greatly appreciate your consistently fine services (rare these days) and thank you, Steven, for your patience, excellent customer skills and plumbing persistence.

Sandy C.

Dear Jack:


I am writing to tell you about the superior experience I had recently with Woodfin Plumbing.

Last week, we discovered a leak in our basement that looked like it could be serious. We were right - the entire water supply line to our home from the sidewalk had to be replaced. Your folks ("Steve" and "Steve" followed shortly by Kevin Agnew) were on-site immediately and they were all just as polite and helpful as could possibly be. Our own water had to be disconnected, but they quickly hooked us up to our neighbor's outdoor spigot and we were in good shape for the weekend.

Jerry Cochran and Javier Morales came to perform the required work. I am very particular about keeping things neat and clean, and I always dread having workmen in and out of the house and having to clean up after they leave. I have never been so pleased with the care and respect Jerry and Javier showed our home. They covered the entire path from the front door to the basement worksite with thick paper and plastic, taping the edges down carefully. Plus they wore booties over their shoes! They were extremely careful moving our appliances to create an adequate workspace, and they were just as careful removing dirty pipes and water from the basement. They didn't make a single mark anywhere. When all the work was done, they were even more meticulous about getting everything back exactly as it had been.

During all this, they were very attentive to my request that they close the front door carefully each and every time they came in and out to avoid the possibility of our pets scooting out the door.

While we sure didn't want to have this work done, it couldn't have been done in a more courteous and professional manner.

You've got some very good people there - a sign of a great company. Thank you!

Yours very truly,
Deborah D.

Troops - Well, the old Rheem unit which is quite old knocked off about 3:00pm yesterday. After snooping around, I noted the compressor outside behind the garbage cans was not running. I had decided long ago that I was through with old Vassar HVAC group which is owned by Norfolk firm and goes by another name. We slept in the guest room last night because upstairs was 84 degrees. At 7 this morning I called Woodfin. At 9 a "service technician" was here. He found several things that Vassar had not done in previous years on the a.c. and heat pump. I stayed with him. He was great! The main problem was a "blown" capacitor in the compressor and a defective one in the attic air handlers. I'm on their list now for yearly checkups plus an additional one for the heat pump. If I see either John or Jack Woodfin at Church this Sunday, I'm going to tell one of them how pleased I was. The man was here 3 hours. It was not a cheap visit; however, for a while anyway, a new unit is not needed. The tech's history is interesting. He was in the Air Force, last spend 3 years as an Henrico policeman, then college, then with Woodfin where they hold classes for their techs.

That's the end of the story, at least for the time being.

Duncan S. O.

Dear Manager,

TestimonialI am pleased to submit this letter of commendation on behalf of one of your servicemen, Mr. David Despen. Two weeks ago he serviced my air conditioner. Presently, I live in Griffin, GA. and through his professional assistance, he was able to give me full details on the problem by phone. He was most helping in informing me what was wrong and the cost. There was no need for concern. I am most appreciative of Mr. Despen's professional manner. It really put my mind at ease that the job was done well. The tenant living in the house says everything is fine and the house is nice and cool. Mr. Despen did a good job under the circumstances, and I would appreciate you sharing this note with him.

A please customer
Laura N. H.

Dear Mr. Bailey,

TestimonialDaniels installed the heating and cooling system in my home in 1965. Then in 1977 you became our contract supplying oil and service. You have serviced old systems, installed new ones always doing the right thing - even coming quickly when I call.

The week of May 3, having a new system installed has been the deciding factor of my opinion of Woodfin. What do you think I am going to say? It's been hair raising!

The gentlemen that showed up for the installation listened to me for a few minutes and wanted to run and hide! Venting was a problem and the day ended with a lot of discussion of where and how. They wanted to cut down bushes in the front of the bay window on the front of my house. I was in the middle of the discussion - not liking a thing that I was hearing - a privilege that an 82 year old can't have involving her property! (Just ask Ernie if I know what's going on in this house - years ago experience that he had with me - which he reminded me of the morning of January 26 when I called in for help that I had water in my oil tank!)

Chuck and Taylor came to my rescue as what to do for venting, even though what they did was what William and I agreed on the day that I signed the contract. They did a great job! I went from tears to laughter!

Now, my accolades go out to all that had a part in this job - plumbers, electricians and helpers.

I am a 100% supporter of Woodfin! As I told my neighbor who used to be a Woodfin customer, "you get what you pay for"!

Sarah N.


TestimonialI  am writing to tell you of the outstanding experience Dan and I recently had with two of your employees. Chuck Banner and Taylor Way two weeks ago installed a new furnace and water heater in our home. Had I been their teacher and were giving them a grade, it would have been an "A+".

They were excellent workers and such pleasant and polite men. They had to put up with our "hyper" puppy and did so without complaint.

I really appreciate and commend workers such as these.

Peggy & Dan S.


Thank you for installing Atmos Air purification systems throughout our Athletic Training room, our new practice facility, and business offices at the Kansas City Chiefs. I wanted to inform you that we have enjoyed and benefited from better air quality throughout the 2009 season.

With the scare of H1N1 virus and other seasonal flu viruses during 2009, your system has apparently reduced the number of players being subjected to such illnesses. We have noticed since the Atmos Air Purification system installation, fewer incidences asthma and allergy related episodes. This has been extremely beneficial due to the Midwest Kansas City area and the exceptionally high pollen and allergies in the spring. We are looking forward to continued use of your purification system as it will bring continued health benefits, as well as cost benefits.

Secondly, I have installed a home unit at your suggestion. My family has noticed a huge difference in air quality throughout our home. My children have benefited greatly from the purification as it relates to their annual spring allergies.

Steve, with the benefits the Kansas City Chiefs have experienced throughout the 2009 season I look forward to highly recommending the Atmos Air System to other organizations and players for their home use also. Thank you for your assistance and providing a product that delivers. Please let me know if I can help as a reference.

Dave P
Head Athletic Trainer
Kansas City Chiefs

To Whom It May Concern:

TestimonialWe are writing in regards to the service we received today from two of your plumbers. We called Woodfin very early in the morning due to an engagement ring being flushed down the toilet. We had one plumber report and then later someone else came for back-up. Their names were Neil and Bryant. Neil got to our house very early in the day and Bryant came a little later. The day was very long and many times I felt very frustrated but you could never sense any frustration from Neil or Bryant. Both were very patient and creative in all the ways they tried to find the engagement ring. We were around them all day hovering in anticipation and they worked extremely hard, trying one strategy and then the next searching for the missing ring, and trying to get it out of the pipes. Never once did they sigh or grumble even when my husband and I were. They were very patient and kind throughout the whole experience.

I just wanted you to know that we have never received such good customer service as we did today from these two men. It felt that they really cared about finding what we had lost. Their patience and work ethic is commendable and we just talked about how ingenious they were all night.

Please pass this on to these two men. Their hard work really meant a lot to us.

Jay and Melissa H.
Sandston, VA

P.S. They found it 3 feet from the main sewer line!

To Woodfin,

WOW! Just had to send you a great big thank you for convincing me that my old ductwork, furnace, and crawlspace needed replacing. I am so pleased with the work that your wonderful team did at my home. They were efficient, and polite, and patient with me (my staff affectionately calls me the woman with 10,000 questions). Their incredible work speaks for itself... I am amazed at how comfortable (and quiet) it is in my house now. I could get used to consistent temperatures throughout my home.

In an area where people are quick to complain about the least little things, I'm a firm believer in applauding a great job. You and your team did a great job with my variable speed heater, ductwork encapsulation. Thank You!

Barbara P.

To Woodfin,

On 12/29/09 I had a small electrical job to be done, in order to be able to use our new food freezer.

Billy Cox arrived and I explained what needed to be done. He explained what he was going to do.

I was very pleased with his work and would surely recommend your service to anyone.

Thank your for sending Billy Cox to do our electrical work.

Yours truly,
Robert G.


Kudos to your team! My late wife and I had been nursing a dinosaur of a converted coal-to-oil furnace for over thirty years. This fall it finally decided it was time to retire. After getting several estimates my housemate, Steve Hamilton, and I chose your company (neither the highest nor the lowest bid). Our discussion was based on both the reputation of Woodfin and the thorough evaluation by Carlisle Leggett.

The day the oil furnace was removed your "army" arrived in four trucks. It took a full day of pipe cutting, electrical work, unbolting, swinging sledge hammers, and hauling well over 1,000 pounds of scrap metal away to rid us of the "monster." The new furnace was delivered that afternoon. The crew cleaned up the debris, swept the floor, and left the area ready for the next day's installation.

The installation went very smoothly. Both the demolition and installation crews are to be commended. They were polite and patient with answering our questions. We were especially impressed with their attitudes. With that many people working in tight quarters we heard no complaining or arguing, instead we heard laughing and kidding among the guys. Both Rod Hundley and John Hairfield were extremely knowledgeable and kept things well organized. The end result was a new, working furnace and a toasty house!

Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.

Steve M. and Steve H.


I wanted to give you some feedback on 2 of your employees. Our 23-year-old electric water heater gasped its last breath recently. We decided to purchase a tankless system. Kevin Agnew came by the house within a few hours. He was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He arranged for the new system to be installed in just 2 days. He really did a great job.

Steve Club was assigned the task of installing the unit. He arrived at the house at about 9 a.m. and worked all day and part of the night getting it installed properly. There were several challenges in the installation, as you would expect with an older home. Despite these obstacles, Steve remained on the job without complaint. He recognized that we needed hot water and wasn't going to leave until the job was done. I think he left at 8 p.m. that night. He did a fantastic job and left the site clean and orderly.

I would have no hesitation in recommending either of these gentlemen to friends of mine.

John B.

Dear Jack:
I have so many to thank at Woodfin for so many things, I hardly know where to start.

First, there was William Davis, who did a superb job of convincing us that Woodfin was the company to install our new heat pump system, and stand behind it. And, did you ever!

I appreciate so much the extent to which your company went...and virtually everyone who came to our house, to be sure that the system was functioning as it should. The first crew was a pleasure to work with and very competent, and should not be found at fault for having to deal with what turned out to be a computer error.

The second crew, dispatched by Rob Bailey and overseen by Steve Walsh and Charlie Martin, would be a credit to any company anywhere in the world. Adam and Taylor were so down-home and friendly, you tended to forget how totally capable and smart they really are. Also special thanks to Travis Litchford who was probably the very first person to accurately diagnose the problem, and exuded the quiet condifence of someone who believed in both himself and the company.

There is a pattern here, and clearly it comes from the top. You have a company that represents all the best things that made America great...qualities some have forgotten.

I will never forget the extraordinary efforts and extraordinary people from Woodfin whose good work will cool our house and warm our hearts for many, many years.

Charles F.

Dear Kevin:

Good evening! Hope you are enjoying your vacation. Just a note of thanks for the professional and courteous services rendered by Neill and Keith for my kitchen renovation. Both plumbers were polite, efficient and professional in performing the plumbing tasks to update my kitchen.

Too frequently, consumers only contact companies when their associates do not perform up to standards. Please accept this written correspondence to inform Neill, Keith and the Woodfin family that I shall remain a committed customer to the Woodfin Home Team! Kevin, please ensure a copy of this correspondence is filed in respective personnel folders to ensure the two men, who performed services, receive accommodation for their dedication to their company mission, faithful service to customers!

Have a great day and enjoy your vacation!

With appreciation,
Barbara A. B.

Dear Mr. Bailey,

It is exactly 5:35am and I'm writing a letter of thanks and appreciation, that is long overdue. For the above and beyond work that was done on my furnace on July 17, 2009 by Chris Lewis. I watched him work and I know how thorough he did his job. He was friendly, kind, courteous, respectful, and easy to talk to. Everything that needed cleaning on my furnace he cleaned, and replaced filters as needed. When he left his work area, I did not have to go back and clean up behind him. I was very very pleased with the way my furnace even sounded. It was obvious that the work he did, did the trick because I was burning lot of oil just to heat my water. I've seen a big difference in my oil usage already. Should I ever need a service tech. please make it Chris Lewis that you send to my home. Thank you and thanks to Chris Lewis for taking pride in his job. Chris deserves for his boss to know that when he's in the field, he represents Woodfin Oil well, with an excellent work ethic and camaraderie with his clients.

Thanks Again,
Ms. Denise R. W.

Dear Woodfin,

Recently, I engaged Woodfin Oil for a home HVAC inspection/maintenance appointment. This was the first time I have called your company, having patronized others in the general area that I have known. The technician who came, Micah Groome, delivered a service that exceeded expectations.

Mr. Groome was most professional and friendly. He was more than a mechanic delivering on a job, rather a great ambassador for your company. It is often rare to find such people who display the characteristics on the job that you try to instill in training. It is a direct result of exposure to him that I will become a Woodfin customer.

Please extend recognition to Mr. Groome in whatever manner your company provides for good customer service.

Many thanks as well, John, for being a good corporate citizen of Hanover. We appreciate our business and all that you do for our community.

Yours truly,

Dear Woodfin,

Please commend Kyle Vickery on his promptness and professional work at my home after hours.

My sink was stopped up and I was due to leave on vacation at 7 am the next day.

Kyle un-stopped my main drain at 10pm and I did not miss my cruise ship the next day.

He is certainly an asset to your company.



This note is long overdue.

We want to say thanks to everyone associated with the work done at my home recently. You may recall that we converted from oil to natural gas, from air conditioner to heat pump, from water heater to tankless, and installation of fireplace logs.

Although Shirley and I suffered from sticker shock initially, we feel that we received great value and service for the price. Besides yourself and the HVAC crew of Adam and Steve, we want to commend Kevin Agnew and his Plumbing crew of Steve and Javier. At all times they were professional, knowledgeable, personable, courteous, reliable/punctual, and above all kept things as clean as possible, considering the nature of the work they did.

As a side note, I want to let you know that because of your performance with my home conversion, Woodfin is now being included and is a part of my employer's varied business activities. Case in point is the security systems that are currently being installed at 3 of our self storage facilities, for approximately $13,000. Barbara McCauley owes you a dinner.

In addition, the construction company is currently evaluating a quote from Woodfin for fuel purchases. Last year we purchased in excess of $275,000 in gasoline and diesel fuel. Furthermore, we intend to use Woodfin for HVAC and Plumbing service and repair at our rental properties.
All of this is a result of your sales ability, experience, and knowledge in helping us decide on what to do with our outdated home systems.

Shirley and I look forward to dealing with you and Woodfin for many years to come.
Thank you for everything you have done!

Buddy and Shirley Patterson
Fred G (Buddy) P., Vice President/Controller:
S. W. Funk Industrial Contractors, Inc

To: Woodfin (Electrical Department),

I would like you to know how pleased I was with the service that was rendered by Jim Kaneer and Brian Palmore, when they came to my house on April 29th, 2009.

They solved my electrical problem in a very professional and timely manner, and neat way.

Your company should be proud of these two employees.

Yours Truly,
Robert P. G.

Dear Leo,

As you know, recently I had a tankless water heater installed in my home. The entire process was flawless from start to finish. Thanks to you and the other employees involved, I felt very confident throughout the entire installation. I was given an explanation of the systems currently available and everyone was very knowledgeable of the efficiency of each. This made it very easy for me to decide which system I should choose. I was impressed with the service I received from the technicians responsible for my in home installation. Steve and the other members of the Woodfin team did a great job. They made sure every detail was complete, in proper working order and they cleaned up everything before they left. On the first day of installation I had just gotten home from work, Steve was on his way out after an extremely long day and I'm sure he was ready to go home. Instead, Steve got out of his truck, and he took the time to introduce himself to me, let me know he had been running the job and reassured me that if there were any problems to let him know. This really set the team apart.

It's the little things that make a BIG difference. Woodfin employees demonstrate true customer service. During these current economic times this is what will set Woodfin apart from all of the rest.

Please let everyone know within your organization know that they make a major contribution to the Woodfin sales team, from the receptionists to the technicians.

I look forward to future quality service.

Best Regards,
Sam S.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to commend Mr. Chris Lewis to you. Mr. Lewis repaired our furnace in our old educational building today. He came last night to ascertain the problem, ordered the part and was back this morning to finish the job. He was prompt and polite. He explained every aspect of the job as he worked and advised me on the cost and parts needed for the repair. He made the repair in less than 24 hours after the call was placed to you. We are very appreciative of his service.

Mr. Lewis represented your company well. I commend him highly to you.

- The Rev. Vallerie F. K.


Malcolm could not have been any more professional!!! He is a true asset to your company, Woodfin Security. He explained everything to me as he went along and mentioned that the problem could very well have been the fact that the box full of wires had ben left open in the rain. I was also very impressed that he even insisted on wearing shoe covers whenever he came into the house, and that was done on a beautiful day outside. Malcolm took the time to make sure that everything was neatly done and cleaned up after himself. I know that these are just little things but put them all together and they make a wonderful impression not only about Malcolm but hopefully about Woodfin Security.

In my conversation with Malcolm he was able to confirm that if we have problems with our security system that in fact Woodfin Security would be able to work on the system. That was music to my ears because the company that installed the system is no longer in business. Ernie and I weren't really sure what we would do if we needed to have the system serviced. Now I know!

- Michele Y.

Dear Woodfin,

After ten years of satisfied customer satisfaction with Woodfin, the recent introduction to two young men has caused me to write to you regarding the excellent service I have consistently received from any employee with whom I have had contact at Woodfin - from Sandy who answers the telephone, to the technicians and sales representatives. I have been the recipient of consistent, competent and accurate information delivered in a patient, thorough manner.

It is on the occasion of the recent removal of my aging furnace, immediately followed by the purchase and installation of a heat pump system, and the two young men who were assigned as the crew, that I felt compelled to write to you.

I initially met with Chris Sweet who provided me with knowledgeable information in a professional, confident, non-aggressive manner regarding the entire transaction from oil furnace to heat pump.
It is obvious that Chris knows his product and believes that both the product and the company for which he works are the finest.

The primary reason for writing this letter is to inform you of the dedication to excellence exhibited by Christopher Beck and Corey Parrett.

I cannot say enough about these two young men who are bright, competent, hard-working, smart, mannerly, polite, attentive to detail and knowledgeable in their field.

Their work ethic is unprecedented and extraordinary. Whether they were working in separate parts of my home or side-by-side, it was obvious that they are a team - a team which respects one another, likes one another, supports one another and has fun.

Chris and Corey worked steadily from their time of arrival till the end of their work day (with a brief lunch break).

Woodfin should consider itself privileged to have Chris and Corey in its employ, and to provide incentives to retain them. They are a valuable asset to a company which excels, and I hope that Woodfin has as its goal to do what it takes to keep them there.

I personally consider it to have been a privilege to observe Chris and Corey, who both exhibit qualities which seem to be lacking in the young masses in today's world.

- N. Pamela T.

Dear Woodfin,

I wanted to drop you a line to say "Thank You". I don't know who to direct this to but I'm sure it will get where/to whom it should.

Yesterday a crew was at my house to put a new fuel tank in, clean and seal duct work, put in a heat pump and all the related work that they needed.

The group worked together well, were neat, clean, polite, pleasant, efficient and explained things to me when I asked questions.

Too often people complain about service people - but forget to say anything when they do a great job.

Thanks for the great crew that did the work for me.

- M. J.

By Kelly Williams
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