Woodfin HVAC Plumber VirginiaIt takes great people to make a great company, and at Woodfin, our people are the best - and it's no accident. Our belief in the importance of quality people is reflected in the way we hire, train and reward employees. We hire hard-working people who understand the importance of customer service. We then give these hard working folks the training and equipment they need to be highly effective in their jobs. We understand how important a great customer experience is to you! 

About Us

Our Management team has over 300 years of combined experience in all sorts of home services and maintenance needs, such as oilheat, heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, security and more.  We feel nothing prepares you like experience.  Knowing how vast our vast experience is both in the field and behind the scenes, you can rest assured that when you choose Woodfin you choose the best, most experienced team in Richmond. We've heard it all and seen it all! 

Our Technicians

Nate Certified Technicians HenricoWoodfin technicians perform installation, service and repairs with confidence and competence because they have the knowledge and the tools that the job requires. At Woodfin, we share our institutional knowledge and work together to solve every problem without delay. At our in-house training center, we constantly train our Woodfin technicians in teaching new skills and learning how to service and properly maintain new equipment. We employ technicians certified by NATE (The North American Technician Excellence), meaning our Woodfin techs are well prepared with real working knowledge of HVAC and HVACR systems. 

Our Customer Service Team

Woodfin has the best customer service team in Richmond..and we stand firmly behind that statement! Outstanding customer service is the corner stone of why we've grown and succeeded where other have not.  We strive to provide you with nothing but the most friendly, knowledgeable, empathetic and helpful service. These days...a lot of people prefer to handle their business online as opposed to calling us directly, so to stay abreast with current customer demands we've created a Live Online Help system (check to see if we're online in the upper right of your screen). Our customer service representatives undergo monthly training to ensure you receive the utmost in customer service. 

Our Leadership Team

All of us at Woodfin dedicate ourselves daily to your home comfort. Our LEADERSHIP TEAM accepts nothing less:

JACK WOODFIN, CEO & President - Woodfin Heating Inc
JUSTIN R. ANDRESS, President - Woodfin Oil
KEVIN W. WALSH, Chief Financial Officer
DAVID A. KIBILOSKI, Corporate Treasurer
A. PENN STAPLES - General Manager - Petroleum Products
TRAVIS D. RIDDLE - General Manager - Mechanical Services
ROBBIE LEE - Sales Manager - Mechanical Services
H. O. HARCUM - Director of Retail Operations - Pit Stop Stores
CHIP HARDY - Operations Manager - Security & Home Automation
DONALD L. GIRARD - Service Manager - HVAC
DANNY SHACKELFORD - Service Manager - Plumbing
WAYNE H. GROFF, JR - HVAC Installations Manager
ROBERT R. SNYDER - Service Manager - Electrical
ALAN BARRETT - Delivery Operations Manager

We look forward to the opportunity to faithfully serve your A/C, Heating, oil heat, electric, plumbing and security needs for years to come!  

 Call us at 804-730-5000 to discuss your specific needs or to setup a new account, or contact us online and we will get back to you ASAP! 

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